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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Consequences Of Downloading Movies Illegally From P2P Networks

Eight out of ten Americans consider it stealing to walk out of a store with a DVD that they did not pay for. Only half as many people think downloading a movie from the Internet is a crime. The fact is that there is really no difference at all between the two; these are both serious crimes that are punishable by law.

 When you download a movie from a P2P file sharing program, you do not have the permission of the individual or corporation who owns the rights to that movie. This is the same thing as going to the DVD movie store and putting a DVD in your bag and walking out the door without paying. Peer-to-peer networks like BearShare, Kazaa , Vuze (aka Bittorrent) and LimeWire do not have the consent of the rightful owner to distribute copyrighted movie download files over the Internet, unlike legal sites such as ,

CinemaNow and Netflix. Why Is File Sharing Of Movie Downloads Illegal? The main purpose of copyrighting materials and DVD movies is for the protection of the rights of the individual or corporation initially responsible of creation of the material (in our case movies).

Those who own the rights to protected material have the exclusive right to modify, duplicate or distribute their product. Copyright laws work to prevent the sale or use of the protected material through unauthorized means. Imagine working day in and day out on an amazing research piece for years, only to have it posted online for everyone to download free. This is how artists and entertainers feel when their intellectual property is passed out for free all over the Internet, providing them no compensation for it. Now, you are beginning to see what is driving so many in the direction of legal action for movie downloads.

 How To Tell What Is Real? It can be difficult to tell if the site that you are visiting is legal or not. If the site that you are on is not a trusted site such as, where you are positive that you are downloading fully licensed movies every time, then do not download a single movie. Here are some pointers on how to distinguish illegal movie download sites: 1.If the website claims to have “millions of movies to download” , “80 million movies online”, “movies,Tv shows and music downloads” etc.. all for a small one time fee then you can almost be certain the website will sell you P2P software. 2.Try looking at the small print in bottom part of the website’s main page. usually for illegal P2P movie download sites you will find some kind of warning that looks like this: (most of these sites use the very same warning) “There are currently millions of users downloading and trading files legally on file-sharing networks.

You can, for example, legally download music from over 850 bands and over 20,000 live concerts but also have access to multiple software titles and games. File sharing has enabled music fans from around the world to build the largest library of recorded music in history. File sharing is not illegal as long as you obey and comply with all relevant copyright laws. Sharing copyrighted material without the permission to do so is illegal. You will find detailed instructions on how to stay legal within the member's area.

The purchase of a membership, however, is not a license to upload or download copyrighted material. We urge you to respect copyright and share responsibly.” Here is another popular text you may find on these sites “This website has no affiliation whatsoever with the owner of this software program and only provides links to freeware and/or shareware software, technical support and tutorials.“ 3. Try looking for a genuine trust seal on the website’s registration pages, for example has a trust seal from on its registration page. 4.A number of record companies, movie studios and individual artists post information on their official website to let you know if they allow their copyrighted material to be distributed online.

Be sure to check those specific sites before you download their material from any third party or share it with others. About Copyright of Movies Copyrights are only valid for fifty to one hundred twenty years. As soon as a copyright expires, the material that one once protected becomes open to the public. Material that is available in public domain can legally be copied, distributed and downloaded by anyone, anywhere, anytime. The majority of recent works are most likely protected currently under copyright laws.

 Where Can I Go If I Still Want To Download? Everyone on Earth needs some form of entertainment from time to time, and for most of us it is music, video games, television shows, movies, PC applications, etc. With the threat of lawsuits hanging over your head with each movie you download, where can you go to be sure that the material you are listening to, watching, playing and downloading is legal? The truth is that you have a number of options, if you are still eager to build your collection by downloading movies from the Internet.

 • You can search the Internet for sites that provide updated lists of websites, such as, where you can legally download, watch or burn to CD the files that you want for a minimal fee. Enjoy full-length movies without any commercials or spyware to worry you.

 • A number of television networks offer full episodes their shows with commercial interruption from their official site. Networks such as NBC, ABC and CBS typically offer new episodes of their shows the following morning after they are broadcast on air in their regular time slot (most of the time these are geo limited to the united states only).

 • MySpace and Fox are working together to bring you Fox on Demand, allowing you to watch the most recent episodes of your favorite Fox shows online for free.

 • You can find full-length movies with expired copyrights and available to the public at Entertainment Magazine Online.

 • If music is your thing, you can create a radio station of your own that only plays the genres and songs that you choose with limited commercial interruption for a limited time each month for free at Pandora Radio. You can create playlists and listen to your favorites at FineTune. With so many options at your disposal, there is no need to go astray and risk serious fines or jail time by downloading movies files illegally.

 The Serious Risks Of Sharing Movie Files The holders of copyrights have ways of finding out which movie download files are being shared by your computer. All they have to do is contact the authorities and send them your way because the law is in the favor of the copyright holder. The RIAA sent letters to almost four hundred college students in 2007 related to illegal file sharing. The students, not their schools, were each held responsible for paying the restitution required to resolve the claims against them for copyright infringement.

 In as little as six months, the RIAA had brought claims against more than two thousand college students. These students were required to pay an average of $3000 each, not including court costs and attorney fees. The RIAA is not only targeting college students, this is just one example. It does not matter who you are, how old you are or where you live, if you download or share file on the Internet illegally you will be held accountable. Even if you are a minor, do not think you can get away with it; they will come after your parents if they cannot get to you.

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) is also setting out to prosecute violators as well. With sites such as offering fully licensed movie downloads, it is not worth the risk you take with any other method. Do not be mistaken in thinking that legal action is the only danger to downloading files illegally from the Internet.

You may be one of the many who do not worry about being caught, but do not consider that hackers could be getting into your system and downloading your personal and confidential information and using it for a horde of malicious activities. P2P file sharing programs work by letting the users connect to one another's hard drives to copy files. Any files that you have in these shared folders become available to anyone who wants to steal or copy them. Many programs do not even use specialized folders for sharing, instead they simply provide users access to each other's "Documents" folder.

This means that all of your Word documents, photos, banking software, and more could be at risk. You should know that on average one out of three computer attacks are the result of using P2P networks. Peer-to-peer networks are one of the easiest ways for hackers to spread their spyware and viruses all over the Internet. All they have to do is create a file that contains a virus, but give it a name that is the same as a popular song or movie title. The P2P user downloads the file to his or her computer expecting to see the latest blockbuster, but instead all they get is a critically infected computer. Horror stories of what can happen to your computer when you use P2P file sharing programs are in abundance.

What You Should Do In order to avoid the serious consequences of downloading movies from the Internet, it is recommended that if you are using any P2P clients, you disable them immediately and remove their software from your computer. A number of guides are available with instructions on disabling a peer-to-peer file sharing client and taking it off your machine. Simply type, "disable P2P" into your favorite search engine to find all the information you need. The best way to avoid the consequences of illegal movie downloads is to sign up to a legal movie download website, such as

 This website only charges a minimal one time fee, instead of the "per download" price that you pay from other legal websites. Legal sites with movie downloads are growing more and more popular as people are becoming concerned with lawsuits, identity theft and computer damages. These site offer faster movie download speeds than you will get on any of the illegal P2P networks because they are coming from their own server and are not limited to the amount of people sharing the file ,the movie being downloaded is not shared in the first place. In addition, the quality of the movies downloaded tends to be much better because you have access to the full-length, licensed version, as opposed to something that was recorded by someone who smuggled a camera into the movie theater.

The movies that you get from you can watch immediately as they stream on your computer . You can download them to your hard drive if you want to watch them later, or you can burn them to CD or DVD if you want to use an external player.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

PSP games are all the rage nowadays

The reason for this are quite simple: the PSP is a very versatile piece of equipment. It allows portability for playing games in the form of small UMD disc that you can easily carry around. However apart from UMD disc, there are other ways of storing your PSP games i.e. in your memory sticks. This is a simple guide on how to download PSP games from your computer to your PSP.

Homebrew PSP games are custom design games developed by programmers. Some of the feature of these homebrew PSP games is that it emulates other gaming console so that you will be able to play wide variety of games from platforms such as Nintendo, Supernintendo, Megadrive, NeoGeo and much more. This makes the PSP a very powerful gaming console not to mention that these homebrew PSP games are available all over the internet.

What you will need is sufficient PSP memory stick. I would always recommend memory stick of at least 1GB, but if you do not have the sufficient resources (i.e. money) a 256MB Memory stick should be alright. Note: for a brand new memory stick you will need to format it. The other thing that you will require when installing a game to your memory card is your PSP Firmware version 1.5 or less. Later firmware version will not work. If you do have a later version of PSP, please consider downgrading you PSP.

In simple terms its this; you will download your games from the internet into you PC and then transfer your game files to your PSP via a USB cable. When your computer is connected to your PSP, your PC will recognize your PSP as a detachable memory (similar to a USB drive). It will assign a drive (usually f: ) and you will be able to drag and drop you PSP games file to your memory stick. These are some of the step to download PSP games.

Step 1
You must copy your PSP games file to the correct path or the games simply would not work. The correct path is PSP>GAME (all the folder names are in caps)

Step 2
After the PSP games are fully transferred to your memory stick, disconnect the PSP from your PC. In your PSP main menu, scroll to GAME and then select Memory Stick option. Press X, and list of available games in your memory stick will be displayed. If you find any error on your PSP, you might want to check your firmware version.

This is a simple guide on how to download PSP games from your computer and it is a proven techniques and been done countless of times. Most important of all it allows you to enjoy wide variety of games from other gaming console.

For more information and resources on PSP games download.
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Friday, April 10, 2009

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

How Do I Transfer Music from My PC to My PSP

How Do I Transfer Music from My PC to My PSP
Before you can learn how to transfer music from your PC to your PSP HERE, you have to figure out what type of firmware your PlayStation Portable or PSP is currently using. Here are the steps to do that:
1. Switch on your PSP first.
2. Look at the leftmost side of your PSP and scout around for the "Settings".
3. Scroll down for the icon of "System Settings" then press on X.
4. Start scrolling down to see "System Information." Press X again.
5. Your PSP screen should now show the MAC Address of your PSP, then the System Software Version, plus the Nickname of your PSP. The firmware name you are looking for would be the System Software Version.
The nice part about knowing which firmware version you have is that if you have firmware version 2.00 upwards, you can actually use your PSP as a Web browsing unit. This means that all you need is wireless Internet access so that you can surf the net and you're all set to start browsing. One problem is that many sites are not geared for viewing through a PSP but there are sites that do allow PSP browsing so those are the sites you need to target.
But let us say you would like to know how do I transfer music from my PC to my PSP? In that case, prepare the following: your PSP, Memory stick at least 2.00 or higher, your USB for your PC to PSP connection. The steps to follow for transferring music from PC to PSP Memory Stick are as follows:
1. Get a Memory Stick that is compatible with both your PSP and the music file formats you will be using. The Memory Stick Duo is considered more ideal for music file transfers because the Memory Stick Pro Duos are not compatible with all music file transfers.
2. The Memory Stick will fit into its Memory Stick slot located at the left side of your PSP (if the PSP is facing you that is.) Make sure you get a Memory Stick that can accommodate the file transfer sizes you will be downloading into it.
3. Switch on your PSP and fit your USB cable's Mini-B connector into the PSP slot allotted for it. The other end of your USB cable (called the standard USB cable connector end) will connect to the computer you will be using.
4. Look for the PSP home menu then scout around for the icon marked "Settings."
5. This should lead you to the "USB Connection" icon. At this point, press down on the X button so that the PSP will show on the screen the words "USB Mode". Your computer now recognizes the PSP as a USB storage device.
6. You may now do either of these steps: a) you can open the folder marked "PSP" within your PSP Memory Stick; or b) you can create a folder with that name on the PSP Memory Stick. To create the folder, you may use the Mac Finder or the PC Windows Explorer as is applicable in your case.
7. The "PSP" folder can now contain a new folder you will create dubbed "MUSIC". This "MUSIC" folder is where you will drag and drop music/audio files. This means the music or audio files will henceforth be stored within your PSP Memory Stick.

Get The Largest PSP Music,Movies and Games Downloads Site HERE

8. The last step is to remove your USB cable so that you can proceed to use your PSP for playing music. Your Mac will require you to simply drag the drive icon into the Trash icon so that your drive gets ejected. A PC will ask you to seek the "Safely Remove Hardware" command at the bottom menu bar. When either of these has been done, you can just disconnect your USB cable from both PSP and computer.
So now you have successfully moved music files from your PC to your PSP Memory Stick. Simply press down on the circle button and you go back to the home menu.

How Do I Put Videos on My PSP

How Do I Put Videos on My PSP
Don't get daunted by the process of putting videos on your PSP – it is much easier than most of you might imagine. Here are the steps you must follow:
1. Look for a USB cable that is compatible with both your PSP (PlayStation Portable) and your computer.
2. Link this USB cable to your PSP and to your computer in the slots allotted for the ends of your USB cable.
3. This allows you to use the "My Computer" settings of your computer to create new folders. You will find you can navigate from the computer to your Memory Card now.
4. Search for the "File" command then onwards to the "New" command. Then head on to "Folder". You will find a new folder in your Memory Stick which you must now label "PSP" (but remember to remove the quotation marks when labeling your folder.)
5. Open up your "PSP" folder so you can make a brand new folder named "MP_ROOT". Remember, the quotation marks are not to be included when you label this folder – they are being used here only to emphasize the name of your folder.
6. Within the "MP_ROOT" folder, you can now make another folder named "100mnvo1." You may now copy all your movies within the "100mnv01" folder.
7. One last thing – every video or movie file you will be using has to be already formatted in the MP4 file format. If you use another file format, your PSP cannot recognize the file and you will not be able to play that title.
Now that you know all that, where can you get free movies or videos as PSP downloads? The truth of the matter is that no website will allow you to get such downloads absolutely free. Majority of the sites will either charge you per download or for a flat one-time subscription free like the one HERE. If not, you may be asked for a monthly subscription fee instead.
Are such sites legal to use? It depends on how the sites operate. If the sites procured their material legally and are paying royalties to the artists and the video production or motion picture production company that owns the titles, then yes, such sites are operating legally. Otherwise, if they don't pay royalties then you are just patronizing pirates and helping them make money unethically off the talents of the real owners.
By the way, you may be wondering why the background color of your PSP seems to change every month. The answer to that is, that is a built-in setting of your PSP. There is no known way to alter your PSP background color at this point in time, unless you alter the month.
If you want to play certain movies from a different geographical location than that used by your PSP, you may encounter problems. For instance, if you play movies from Japan on a PSP geared for North American users that will not be possible because movies tend to be region-coded. In this respect, your movies act somewhat like DVDs, meaning they can only be played on certain geographical-location-based players.

How Do I Download Games on My PSP for Free?

How Do I Download Games on My PSP for Free?

You have a PSP but still don't have any games in it. Is your question like this? "How Do I Download Games on My PSP for Free?" Is this possible? Free PSP games for your handheld game console? Yes it is possible and you won't have to worry about any probability of getting into trouble or having to pay for fines because of downloading PSP games on the internet.

Today, there is an increasing number of purchasers who avail of the handheld game console PSP, therefore there is a great demand for free downloads of PSP games. If you are planning to download free PSP games on the internet, better get a high storage memory stick. If you have extra money and willing to spend some cash, go buy 1GB of the memory stick. In this way you may be able to store a lot of free downloaded PSP games to your PSP.

It is best to get the 1GB memory because you can't get to store games, but also videos, music files and more. But if you are not that willing to spend so much money then you can avail of the 256MB memory stick. This is small but it will do. If you have enough cash it is better to get the higher memory stick because the more storage you have the more games you can download.

Make sure that you are using PSP version 1.5 because it is the version that is most likely allowable to download free games. If your PSP is version 3.0 you must downgrade it to 1.5 but be aware that if you will choose to downgrade your PSP this will remove the warranty of your PSP and causing it to be permanently damaged.

How Do I Download Games on My PSP for Free? You can do so by connecting your psp to your computer through a USB which be availed from any computer hardware shop. This is very affordable. After you have connected your PSP to the computer, the computer will recognize that there is a USB connected to it. From here you can begin to download free PSP games. What you need to do is to download any free game that you wish to put on your PSP. Drag and drop the chosen game file on your PSP folder; you will see this right after you connect the PSP to the PC. The process is very simple, what you must have is the PSP, your pc, and the right hardware.

Now the next thing to do is to browse the internet and search for several sites that offers free downloadable PSP games like the one HERE!!!and from there you can get the games that you want to play with your PSP which you apparently you are not able to buy the original game.

You can check out, this site will help you in discovering how to get free downloadable games for PSP. There are a lot of websites that lets you download for free and there are others that let you have the game for a trial period.

Get Free PSP Music

Free PSP Music
So do you know how to transfer music into your PSP Memory Stick already? Well, good. But that's useless to you unless you know where to get music files for your PlayStation Portable or PSP. Fortunately, there are legal ways to download free PSP music files into your PSP Memory Stick. It is important to know the legal places to get free PSP music because a lot of websites that claim to offer free PSP music are either scams, or offer counterfeit PSP-format titles.

The "free" PSP music sites fall into two general categories. The first kind claim to offer "free" PSP music but in reality will charge you per download. So it is not really free but rather cheap PSP music downloads that that they offer. The second category for free PSP music is made up of subscription services that will charge you either a one-time fee or a monthly subscription fee (or maybe both.) In return, you get access to an unlimited number of free PSP music titles, rather than pay each time you want to download music. Either way, both these types of categories of free PSP music sources operate on the wild side of the law when it comes to copyrights and intellectual property rights because they might or might not be paying royalties for the free PSP music you get to download. And any website that makes money off music but fails to pay royalties is officially breaking the law.

You should also be careful about tapping into the services of these free PSP music sources because they may allow your PC to become the target of malicious software, or even permit hackers to gain entry into the internal workings of your PC. Another downside to using free PSP music sites is that you may never be inclined to pay for PSP music anymore from the official sites because it is so easy to get free PSP music or cheap PSP music anyway, so why bother paying? Only the more scrupulous types would make it a point to pay for PSP music so that artists get the right royalties for their work. So it is really up to your ethical code if you want to patronize free PSP music sources or not.

If you own the PSP model for Japan which is the PSP1000 model, then you will be gratified to know that there is a media download site set up by Sony specifically for the Japan PSP models. On that media download site known as Moviesquare, you can download not just music files but also movie files and other forms of entertainment into your PSP and into your PSP Memory Stick. This site will allow you to download media titles as a compressed file format into your personal computer. From your personal computer, you can then proceed to download the media titles into your PC after it has been unzipped. You only need the USB cable connected between your PC and your PSP to transfer the media titles from your PC into your PSP.
Hopefully, there will be more sites that offer free PSP music that you can download without breaking the law or offending any artists in the near and distant future.

Monday, December 29, 2008

How To Put Video On PSP - 8 Steps for Beginners

Putting video on the PSP is not as easy as it sounds. But with a quick step-by-step guide, you should get around to it and actually maybe understand what's happening. So here's the guide on just how exactly to do this.

How To Put Videos On PSP Step 1
You need a good memory stick, depending what type of length of video you want to watch. I encourage you to get a 512MB memmory stick.

How To Put Videos On PSP Step 2
Connect your PSP to your computer, via USB cable. Make sure your PSP is turned off when you do this.

How To Put Videos On PSP Step 3
Turn on your PSP, and go to the Settings Menu. In this menu select USB Connection and press X. Your computer should now detect your psp as an extra "removable drive". Your computer will assign a letter to this drive. Let's call it X:\ for future reference.

How To Put Videos On PSP Step 4
Go to this removable drive with your Windows Explorer. There is a folder called PSP there. Create a new folder called MP_ROOT at this level if it is not already created. (So you will have X:\MP_ROOT).

How To Put Videos On PSP Step 5
In the MP_ROOT folder we just created (X:\MP_ROOT\), create a folder named 100MNV01 if it is not already present. You will get X:\MP_ROOT\100MNV01.

How To Put Videos On PSP Step 6
You are going to have to take the videos you have, and convert them to mp4 format If they are not already in this format. To learn more about this you can visit my blog.

How To Put Videos On PSP Step 7
Copy the mp4 files to the folder we just created on the memory stick (X:\MP_ROOT\100MNV01\)

How To Put Videos On PSP Step 8
Go on your PSP. Go to Video. Select Memory Stick. And voilĂ !
You are now watching your video as wished!

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Visit my blog for more great info on converting videos in mpeg-4 format.

Free PSP Download Applications

You must have known by now that your personal PSP device is not just a simple portable game console for playing games. It has evolved given by the hundreds and thousands of psp download applications you can find today. The internet is a window giving you the tools to search for these psp download applications and chances are if you are thinking about it, it is already available there waiting for you to download. Here are some of the most popular psp download applications you can find over the internet.

PSP Video 9 - This program is a conversion and management application that allows you to convert normal PC video files, like AVI, Mpeg and more, into psp video files. It also manages the transfer or downloading from your PC onto your psp device. When the application is combined with Videora, it allows you to download, convert and copy video files directly onto your personal psp device, all in a single step.

Videora – It is the latest video downloading program using peer to peer technology and RSS feeds to intelligently find and download your favorite video you want to watch, no matter where you are in the world.

PSP PDA – Expand the use of your personal psp device and transforms it into a PDA. The PDA program comes with lots of neat functions like music player, notepad, and calculator, to name a few.

iPSP – For Mac users, this application allows you to simply manage between your PC and your PSP within a similar and familiar environment of iApp. iPSP can even backup and manage your personal PSP saved games allowing you to expedite your progress and easy sharing with your friends.

3GP Converter – It is a small video .MP4 converter that has many quality options packed within a small application. It does the job smoothly and quickly within this relatively small application.

PSP Cheats – As it being named, it is simply a database of cheats that give you an advantage over the games or opponents that you are playing. All you have to do is to download the application onto your personal psp device and it will enable you with the advantages over the games and opponent.

PSP universal remote – This program can transform your personal psp device into a universal remote controller to control just about any device that allows being remote controlled.

Ebook Reader – The application is a document reader for your personal psp device to read digital magazines and electronic books.

JPEG viewer – View and show pictures you have with your friends or family and recall those memorable time with laughter and experience. Watch it from within your personal psp device from anywhere, anytime.

PSP Radio – Listen to you favorite radio station from your psp device with this application. This will help you incorporate an online radio to your psp. This enables your psp to support both AM and FM online broadcasts. Listening to your favorite station would be a breeze.

There are many application programs available for your psp. And having a choice gives you a sea of possibilities, of the usage of your psp.Enjoy the journey

Sunday, July 6, 2008

PSP IPod Video Converter

Do you own both an iPod and PSP unit? Well, I believe most people do own both PSP and iPod just like I do and you have both gadgets and are wondering or wanting to know how you can watch your movies and videos. I will share with you how I have done it.

When I started looking into how to watch movies and videos on both devices, I begin searching for PSP and iPod video converters. Needless to say there are many PSP video converters and iPod video converters that anyone can find over the internet. And most video converters which I had encountered provide conversion of videos and movies to PSP or iPod and I ending up buying and downloading both video converters.

Free PSP and/or iPod video converters can also be found from the internet and there are thousands and thousands of websites offering PSP and iPod video converter. To gain your attention, most will look like offering free PSP and/or iPod video converter from the search engine results. These websites will offer anyone free PSP and/or iPod video and movie converter and it comes under a free trial period or limited video converting functions or poor video quality conversion. To truly enjoy and to have a decent video converter, you need to invest for a tool that gives you the convenience.

In investing on the video converter, it does not really cost much but in fact it is really quite affordable ranging somewhere below $30 for most video converters. And if you are willing to invest in a proper video converter, most can converts lots of video formats for both PSP and iPod. You don’t even need to have different video converter just because you having both PSP and iPod. For the range of under $30 you will be able to find video converters that will be able to perform conversion for most PC video format. Some can even have the function of ripping or converting videos or movies straight from your DVDs. Giving you the choice of watching your favorite movies and/or video on your PSP or iPod no matter which device you wish to carry along wherever you maybe.

The most useful trick when anyone is converting their video or movies is to convert their videos and/or movies when they are sleeping, wasting none of your precious waking moment. Ever consider batch conversion for all your favorite videos and movies, this function will allow anyone to convert multiple movies or videos files in series or one after another. Leaving your computer working through the night while you sleep and completing the conversion when you wakeup.

Personally I’m satisfied with using “WinAVI 3GP/MP4/PSP/iPod Video Converter” for all these functions that I had mention earlier. Most of my video files are DivX, XviD, MOV, rm, rmvb, MPEG, VOB, DVD, WMV, AVI. Does any of these video or movie file format looks familiar to you? Chances are if you are converting videos and/or movies files, it could likely one of above file formats and they are widely used for your personal computers. Spend sometime and look or search for your ideal PSP and iPod video converter as most of them offer quite similar functions with only a few would standout for their unique functions.

How to Play Downloadable Games on PSP

A lot of people out there have successfully downloaded the video games onto the psp But are stuck with how to play it. Sometimes, because of firmware differences, you might not be able to play the games instantly.

Do you know that you can play the games from other consoles and even directly from the memory stick. All these are possible with emulators and ISO’s. You need version 1.5 to execute the procedure. You can check the version that you have from the main menu and scroll to the system settings. It will show you the system software version.

An emulator is a system that can play the games which normally runs on a different system. For example, a PSP will be able to load and play games that are intended for gameboy. With an emulator, you will be able to access the games that normally do not run in PSP. The only challenge is that the PSP have to be able to run the emulation code. Sometimes, errors occur or it will run very slowly. That’s why the software version is important.

One of the most popular emulator pack is the KXSPLOIT pack. You can search for this on the Internet and there are free versions available. Once you have this emulator pack, you can proceed to connect your computer to the PSP and download a game that corresponds to the emulator pack. Copy the game to the emulator folder pack.

Here are the steps in details:

1) Unzip the KXSPOIT file into a directory and connect the both PSP and your computer by means of a USB.

2) Copy the 'PSP' folder to the root directory of the drive.

3) Download a game that corresponds to desired emulator such as Nintendo, genesis, Sega, etc. The list is mentioned at the bottom of this article for your reference.

4) Extract the game file and copy to the corresponding emulator folder on the PSP memory stick

5) Disconnect your PSP from the computer. Do this by removing the USB from your personal computer.

6) From your PSP, scroll down the Memory Stick option and press X button. You should be able to see the psp flash menu loading. Then select the file that you downloaded earlier and press the O button.

The following emulators are included in the latest KXSPLOIT pack:

a) PC Engine PSP Blender - Dowload PSP Games, Movies, Music

b) Sega Master

c) MSX

d) HUE


f) Nintendo

g) Genesis

With emulators you will be able to play a wide variety of games on your psp. So I guess by now if you don’t own one, you will be definitely encouraged to go and get one. This handheld device can do a lot of things. As you know, PSP’s are not only used for gaming but also for playing movies, music and music videos. There is a lot of software available to further enhance the use of your PSP. So what are you waiting for? Start to explore now and enjoy the many things that PSP can do.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How to Download Games to Your PSP

Trying to find out how to download games to your PSP? Have you trying searching on the official Sony PSP website and trying to discover the secret, hoping that if it’s not in the manual it might be shown there. Chances are you will never find any topic or related material regarding download games to your PSP that because Sony intends UMD games to be their main source of gaming for PSP owner. Yes, that means everyone like you and everyone else would need to continue buying UMD games from authorized retail outlets. It will not be a bad thing if UMD games would be more affordable. Face it, who owns PSP console can constantly afford buying UMD for gaming. For sure I will not be able to afford buying UMD games myself.

PSP Blender - Dowload PSP Games, Movies, Music

So we have to find an alternative solution to satisfy our gaming desire. Do not get me wrong where I support pirating games by downloading it through the internet. I do support original games whenever I can afford to buy new games and I need to find an alternative solution when I can’t afford new games.

When I initially embark onto the trail of searching for sites to download new games to my PSP it wasn’t that simply or straight forward. But eventually I manage to get the steps for downloading it onto my PSP. It is not as complicated process as you think it would be. Just follow the simple steps;

Step 1

Connect your PSP with your personal computer. If you are not sure how to do that, simply continue reading this paragraph or else jump to step#2. You can start by connecting both your PSP to your personal computer by using the USB cable that was provided when you first purchased the PSP console. On your PSP console, change the mode by pressing on the “Home” button. And you follow next by scrolling left to the “Setting” column and then scroll downward until you find “USB Connection”. Press “X” button to enter PSP into USB mode. This will complete the connection between your PSP and personal computer.

Step 2

You computer will prompt you that a removable hard disk has been detected. And it will continue to register it on your “My Computer” windows. Open up that latest removable drive and you can start transferring your PSP games file into the correct path or else the games simply will not work. The correct path is PSP>GAME (all the folder names are in caps), if the file do not exist create it manually.

Step 3

Once the PSP game files have been completely transferred into your memory stick on the PSP unit, disconnect the PSP from your personal computer. From your PSP main menu, simply scroll towards GAME and then select Memory Stick option. Press “X” button to enter, and the list of available games stored inside your memory stick will be displayed on the screen. If you encounter any error prompted by your PSP, the games you have chosen might not be compatible with your PSP firmware version.

Depending on your PSP unit version of firmware, all downloaded games are designed to run on a particular firmware version. So you must always check your PSP firmware version before searching for games to download. As you can see from here, knowing how to download games to your psp is not complicated at all, you just need to know your PSP firmware version before downloading the games.

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Monday, June 2, 2008

Free Homebrew PSP Games

First, lets talk about what does the homebrew term means. This term is all around the Internet when you search on psp’s but I guess not many know really what the term meant. Homebrew is applied to video games that are not typically user-programmable. Some refer to homebrew as home-developed games or non-commercial video games. It was found out in June of 2005 that an unsigned code can be run on a PSP firmware version 1.5. This lead to the creation of unsigned codes that is the backbone for the homebrew games. Sony had come up with many security features but still the homebrew creators are successful. One of the most popular types of homebrewed games that you might have heard of is the fangames.

There are many free homebrew video games available in the Internet. Here is a list of some of them for your reference.

1. PSP Dungeons

This comes in 3D environment and setting.

2. LUAmines

This is a homebrew version of the PSP puzzle game called Lumines.

3. Snake for PSP

Basically this is the same as what you have on your hand phone. Very basic but good to have especially if you just need to something to get you occupied while on a queue, etc.

4. Space Invaders

Considered a classic game which most of game players are very familiar with.

5. Quake V2

You should never miss this if you are a hard-core fan of the famous quake game.

6. Beats of range

Patterned after street fighter.

Just type all these titles in the Internet and you should be able to find them for free download. There are a lot of sites offering free downloads for homebrew PSP games. Check out the site first before you decide to download the stuff. Some sites may have spam or virus so its best to do a bit of research before you start your download. Do check out the squidoo website as they offer quite a good range of free homebrew games.

There is no need to list down the sites with free homebrew games because there are thousands of them in the Internet. All you need to do is invest a bit of your time to search for it in the Internet.

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How to Convert Movies to PSP

Do you find it frustrating trying to understand how to convert movies to PSP? You can read the PSP manual from first to last page and you will still be a bit confused on how to start. I bought one and it took me a while to figure it out.

I love watching all sorts of movies that interests me and it keeps me occupied especially in the long commute from home to work. With the PSP console I can enjoy watching movies while I’m on the move. The problem now is how to convert movies to PSP .

Not so long ago, I came across over the Internet some software that provided me with the solution to my little problem. It really feels great to finally able to watch my favorite movies on the move. And then I realized another problem, movie files like what I have comes in much different type of formats and the software I have does not really provide converting all type of movie files to PSP format.

And again the frustration came back as I’m not able to watch all the videos I want. I went back online and searched for another solution and this time, I’m clear about what I’m after until I found this software called “Alive PSP Video Converter” software. Just to clarify that I’m not trying to advertise or promote this software but I find it very easy to use and I would like to share with everyone reading this right now.

The software that I’m using now, “Alive PSP Video Converter” is really one of the ultimate software I came across so far. The software is capable to convert the movies file format like DivX, XviD, MPEG, MOV, MPG, MOD, MP4, 3GP, 3G2, SWF, GIF, DV, MJPEG, VOB, WMV, ASF, AVI.

The software seriously solved all my different movies file format conversion and together with the simplicity of converting my favorite movie files, watching movies on the move seem to be my most treasured moments as I’m able to watch any movies converted onto my PSP console.

The software is extremely easy to operate and to convert any movie files, it simply take two steps to complete the conversion. For the first step of converting any movie file, use your window explorer and open the folder containing your movie or movie file you want to convert. Next, on the mouse or mouse pad, right click and you will see a pop-up menu. Select the “Convert to” and a sub-menu will appear to show the different types of formats. Select any of the following;

PSP MPEG-4 Video (368x206) PSP MPEG-4 Video (368x192) PSP H264 AVC Video (368x206) PSP H264 AVC Video (368x192) And now you can start converting your favorite movies to PSP formats. Personally I found that this software is also capable of a lot of other movie converting functions available. And it is the ultimate movie converting software I would recommend to anyone.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Convert Movies to Psp Format

Sony PSP has been a tremendous hit as a portable gaming console, winning the hearts of all ages. No matter where I turn my head or when I take a walk I can always find people of all ages holding a PSP in their hand and gaming away in another world of their own.

With the popularity of the Sony PSP console, people have found ways to keep themselves entertained. And with the use of the Internet as a daily tool, we of all people have expanded the use of the Sony PSP console. It all began as from an idea of having a portable device in the palm of the hand and the next thing you know or realize is watching your favorite movie from a PSP console.

Before we can convert any movies to PSP format, we must understand how you are going to accomplish the task. Use a movie converter like “Media Manager for PSP” will enable anyone to convert any movie format to PSP format. Movie converter software programs like “Media Manager for PSP” supports .mp4, .avi, .mpg, .mov, .wmv, and other popular video formats. Simply use “Media Manager for PSP” to convert your favorite movie files to PSP format. Unlike other movie converters which requires a 2 step to more to convert your movies, this program manager offers drag and drop function to manage your files between your PSP console and your windows PC. It’s that easy.

Simply drag and drop your favorite files to and from your PSP console and you can even manage to backup your saved games to your windows PC. “Media Manager for PSP” manages and does everything and all the work for you, there is no need to worry about file formats or even preparing your files for transfer between your PSP and windows PC. The program manager takes care of it all. There is no other PSP manager that does this well than the “Media Manager for PSP”. It is truly a winner’s program that manages everything with having the user following what works with PSP and what don’t.

To briefly illustrate further about the software program functions, it does not just stop with managing your favorite movie files, it can also manage your digital photographs, music files, latest pod casts, video blogs, download your favorite websites, saved games, and even view your documents in HTML format and transfer Excel, Words, .txt and many other documents from your PSP console.

“Media Manager for PSP” is clearly the best or winner program manager to manage between your PSP and your windows PC. Most PSP movie converters require complicated steps and procedures to convert your movies to PSP, while some requires only limited movie files that you can convert to PSP format. To have a better understanding, here are the many different types movie formats you may encounter to convert movie to PSP formats;

.3g2, .3gp, .3gp2, .3gpp, .3mm, .60d, .aep, .ajp, .amv, .asf, .asx, .avb, .avi, .avs, .bik, .bix, .box, .byu, .cvc, .d2v, .dat, .dce, .dif, .dir, .divx, .dpg, .dv, .dxr, .eye, .fcp, .flc, .fli, .flv, .flx, .gl, .grasp, .gvi, .gvp, .ifo, .imovieproject, .ivf, .ivs, .izz, .izzy, .lsf, .lsx, .m1v, .m2v, .m4e,.m4u, .m4v, .mjp, .mkv, .moov, .mov, .movie, .mp4, .mpe, .mpeg, .mpg, .mpv2, .msh, .mswmm, .mvb, .mvc, .nvc, .ogm, .omf, .playlist, .pro, .prproj, .prx, .qt, .qtch, .rm, .rmvb, .rp, .rts, .rts, .sbk, .scm, .sfvidcap, .smil, .smv, .spl, .srt, .ssm, .str, .svi, .swf, .swi, .tda3mt, .tivo, .ts, .vdo, .vf, .vfw, .vid, .viewlet, .viv, .vivo, .vob, .vro, .w32, .wcp, .wm, .wmd, .wmv, .wmx, .wvx, .yuv.

The above is over a hundred different types of file format that you may come across with. And you can imagine simply converting movies to PSP format, is complicated task to perform but all these tasks can be made simple with the converter program “Media Manager for PSP”.

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Convert Movie to Psp

Looking for a solution to convert movie to PSP? Anyone can use the Internet to dig out a very very huge list from using the most popular search engines on the Internet. Try searching under the keyword of "convert movie to psp" and chances are you will get a bit confused not knowing which one from the huge list should you use. As a common practice, majority of people will start searching from the top of the list thinking those must be the best software for your solution.

Well, it is not that simple or straight forward as it may seem to be. When you have found your software converter for converting movie to psp, you must consider again before making the purchase or making the download. Does the software converter support multiple formats of movie files like DivX, XviD, MPEG, MOV, MPG, MOD, MP4, 3GP, 3G2, SWF, GIF, DV, MJPEG, VOB, WMV, ASF, AVI. Believe it or not, I find it shocking too when I had gathered and listed out the different types of format a movie could have. If you have a movie file playing in windows PC, most likely it will fall into one of the above format.

Most software converter supports some of the above format and converts the movie files to PSP format. So what will happen when you when you have a movie that is not supported by the movie converter? To playback from your Sony PSP console, your movie has to be converted into PSP format as Sony PSP does not recognize nor does it playback any other format beside PSP and MP4.

To simply search for movie converter software that simply converts any movie format into PSP; you should look out for "Intertech PSP converter" software. It is one of the best software out there in the market that allows any movie format to be converted to PSP format. The software has excellent audio and video codec build into it. The software enables you to reproduce the same audio and visual quality as its original movie file. Giving the audience a clear audio quality with great and sharp images that will be entertained through-out the movie.

The Intertech PSP Converter also comes with a program's video manager that enables it to convert the movie and saved it directly onto your PC hard drive or directly into the Sony PSP memory stick duo. The software is easy to use by anyone; regardless of age and it remains to be one of my favorite movie converter software.

The key feature of the software is that it’s incredibly easy to use and it can really convert any movie file format into good quality psp movie that you can enjoy. And it can also perform or convert various or multiple movie files all at once into PSP format. The destination files saved in PSP can be selected as high quality transfer, guaranteed batch conversion, and more. This is clearly the software that can give anyone and everyone more control over the favorite movie to convert.

Do note that there are movie converter software’s that you can purchase. If you do this, make sure you try out first a trial version before fully paying for the purchase. Some software’s are not so easy to use so it’s important to choose one that you are comfortable with.

As what I have mentioned earlier, make sure to check whether the software can support the various movie file formats out there. Another important thing to look for in buying software is the customer service. Some offer online chat support and this can really help if you hit the wall during your conversion and needed immediate help.

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Free Psp Game Downloads

Whenever you are intending to download any games or whether it is just a word files showing you tricks or software, be sure to install your anti-virus program to prevent any damaging virus that can cause harm to your computer.

Beware of crack files or document files claiming tips you can use for gaming. It is a common method that virus gets to infect your PCs.

Explore the website before committing to download the free stuff. Check out the user reviews to get a feel of how others find the software. You can even go to psp game forums to check out whether has anyone used the free software that you are interested in. To search for the forums, just search for “psp game forums” and you should be able to find a list that you can start with. Although those software’s are free stuff, its still worth a small research to decide which on is worth downloading.

So make a move now and invest some time to search free psp games in the Internet.

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How to Download Movie to Psp

Personal PSP device has increased usage from listening to music to watching your favorite movie downloads onto your device. I would recommend getting a reasonable large memory stick to store your favorite movie files. With the memory stick, you will need a USB cable that you can use to connect your personal psp device to your computer. To download movie onto your personal psp device, just follow these simple steps.

1. Format the new memory stick

To use the newly purchased memory stick, you need to re-format it before you can start using it. To re-format, start with pressing the “home” button at the lower left of your psp console. Next, search for “setting” by using the left arrow key. Follow the next step to find the “system setting icon” using the down arrow key and press the “X” button to select it.

Use the down arrow key again to search for the “format memory stick” icon and then press X button again to select it.

By now you will see a note on the screen asking and confirming with the user to proceed with re-formatting the memory stick. (It is a fail safe confirmation for psp device to prevent its user from erasing or losing important files in case the user has accidentally selects the re-formatting link) To continue with re-formatting, press “yes” and follow by pressing “X” button again to confirm your execution. Depending on the capacity of the memory stick, it takes about quite awhile to complete the formatting.

2. Use the USB cable to connect psp to your computer

Start connecting your personal psp device to your personal computer by using the USB cable. Once you has connect both your psp to your PC using the USB cable. Once the connection is done, from the bottom left of the psp console press the “home” button and follows by scrolling left to search for the “settings” column. Next, scroll down until you find the “USB connection” and press “X” to execute it. The memory drive from the psp device will now be mounted and displayed onto your computer screen.

3. Ready to download movie to your psp

To copy movie file on the psp device, it is important to ensure the proper and correct folder in the psp device memory stick. The correct file should be MP_Root>100MNV01. If the movie files are not copied onto the proper folder, the movie files will not be able to play back. Simply create the folder manually if the MP_Root>100MNV01 folder is not available so that your movie file will work correctly.

Check the psp movie files name and must be named starting with M4V and ends with five random numbers such as M4V12345. The same goes for the THM (thumbnail) files.

Once the movie files are copied onto the psp device memory stick, disconnect your psp device from your personal computer. To watch the movie files, simply scroll down to the “Video” column of your psp device and press “X” to execute it. Now you can enjoy watching your favorite movie on your personal psp device.

Just follow the same steps above for additional movie files that you want to convert and transfer to your psp device.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Download MP4 Video PSP

PSP has many cool features that you can use and it’s more than just a portable game machine that challenge or honing your gaming skill. And have you by now fully utilized your psp? Like your own personal portable TV, psp will enable you to watch videos on the psp screen. And psp being handheld portable device, you can bring it anywhere and whenever you want. You can be on a train and watching your favorite video and be entertained for hours while others envy you in silence.

So now the question really is how to download MP4 video files to your psp. The AVI and others video files that you have will not be able to play in your personal psp device. PSP supports only Mpeg4 or MP4 video file formats. So I guess the next question now is how to download MP4 video to your personal psp device.

First thing you need is to convert the your video file to MP4 video file. There is a lot of software available in the Internet and most of these software programs are free. You can simply use google to search and result a huge list for you to access the hundreds of free MP4 video conversion software programs. Simply type or key in “free MP4 video converter” and you should simply be able to find what you need and want. The software’s are also easy to operate and follows, they usually have a step-by-step procedure but usually you wouldn’t need them. Once you have converted your video files to MP4 videoa> format, all you need to do next is to copy or download the MP4 video on to your personal psp device.

With the use of the USB cable, connect your personal psp device to your personal computer. Link your personal psp device and personal computer by pressing the “X” button. Once you see psp device on the hard drive, open the psp memory card and search for the psp folder. Once you are in psp folder, search for the MP_Root folder and open the 100mnv01 folder. Then simply start copying the MP4 video files to the 100mnv01 folder. Just do a simple copy and paste and then you are good to go. It really simple, anyone master how to download your favorite MP4 video files onto your personal psp device.

These applications are useful even for music videos and movies. Once you have a psp compatible video file such as MP4 or mpeg4, you can simply repeat the copy and paste to your personal psp device. Just remember to copy them into the correct folder mentioned above.

Don’t limit your personal psp device to just games, enhance their use to entertain yourself for the endless time you have to spend doing nothing. Now you have learned how to download psp compatible video files like MP4 onto your personal device. Start downloading now and let your psp keep you company on your journey everyday and everywhere.

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Friday, May 23, 2008

How To Download Music Videos To PSP

With the days goes by, psp device has increases its use almost anything can be downloaded to your psp Even your favorite music videos can be downloaded to your person psp. All you need is a reasonable large memory stick and a USB cable. The reasonable large memory stick is to store your favorite files and the USB cable connects your personal psp device to your computer. Below are the simple steps to follow for anyone to download music videos onto your personal psp device

1. Format the memory stick

Note that before you can use a newly purchased memory stick, you need to re-format it. To do this, simply first press the “home” button at the lower left of your psp screen. Then press the left arrow key and search for the “settings”. Next, press the down arrow key until you find the “system settings icon” and then press the X button. Use the down arrow key to search for the “format memory stick” icon and then press X button again to select it. You should be able to see a note on the screen asking you whether you want to proceed with the re-format the memory stick. This is a fail safe way for psp device to prevent its user from erasing important files in case you have mistakenly selects to re-format link. To proceed with re-format, just press “yes” and press X button again to execute it. It takes about 5-10 seconds, depending on your memory stick capacity, to re-format it.

2. Connect psp to your computer

Here you need to connect your personal psp device and personal computer by using the USB cable. Once you have connect both using the USB cable, Press the “home” button at the bottom left of the psp screen and scroll left to search for the “settings” column. Scroll down to the “USB connection” and press X. The memory stick inside the psp device will now be mounted and shown onto your computer screen.

3. Download music videos to your psp

It is important that you copy the music video file to the proper and correct folder in the psp. The correct file should be MP_Root>100MNV01. If you do it otherwise, the music video files will not be played back properly if you save them elsewhere. If the MP_Root>100MNV01 folder is not available, you simply have to manually create it so that your music video file will work. The psp music video files for example M4V must be named starting with M4V and ends with five random numbers such as M4V12345. The same goes for the THM (thumbnail) files.

Disconnect your psp device from your personal computer once you have completed downloaded the files. To watch the music video files, simply scroll down to the “Video” column of your psp device and press X. You can now enjoy watching your favorite music videos that you have converted to your psp device. Just follow the same steps above for additional music videos that you want to convert to your psp device.

How Do I Download Music To My PSP

How do anyone like I download music to my psp device from the personal computer? All you need simply is a USB cable to connect your psp device to the personal computer. Yes, it’s that simple and here are the main steps, I like to share with everyone, on how do I download music to my psp device.

A. PSP device to personal computer connection
Firstly, use the USB cable to connect your psp device to your personal computer. Then press on the psp “home” button, which is at the lower left of the psp screen Look for the “settings” selection by using the left-right directional buttons to navigate and then from there, search for the “USB Connection” on the psp device by using the top-down buttons and then press the X button (round bottom marked X) to confirm your selection. You should now be able to see a USB connection on your psp device.

B. Create a download folder
By now, your computer has already detected a new USB device on the hard drive. Click the drive, usually will be your last alphabetical drive, which corresponds to your psp memory card. Create a new folder inside that drive and you can name the folder as “music download” or any other title you want to use.

C. Download Music from your personal computer to psp
You can now start to copy your favorite music files from your personal computer onto the new folder that you have created in your psp device.

NOTE: Please take note that psp’s using the older software runs only on mp3 format. And also the older software runs inside the psp device does not support the WMA & WMV music formats. We will discuss more later.

Once you have completed downloading the music to the new folder, press O on the psp to exit the USB connection mode. Then on your psp device, look for the “memory stick” at the music section by using the up-down arrows for navigation. Then press the X button again to enter your selection. You should be able to find all the music files, which you have downloaded.

Note that you need to upgrade your psp firmware if you really needs or wants to play the WMA and WMV audio files. Newer firmware versions of Sony for example, can play WMA & WMV files directly on your psp. Otherwise, you can also convert the files to mp3 format. There are many ways to do this. An easier way is to use free Windows application Switch. This is easily available in the Internet. First, in the windows media player, rip the music file that you want to convert. Then you need to run the Switch software, create a new folder or output folder and select the output format. In the output format, you will have a choice to select mp3. Once you are done, you now have converted your WMA audio file to an mp3 file.

Now you can enjoy listening to the music that you have downloaded to your psp Just repeat the easy steps above whenever you have additional music to download onto your psp device

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Free PSP Downloads

Where can anyone find free psp downloads like movies, games, music, wallpaper, video, TV shows, mp3, and more? Simply search through any search engine and you will find a huge list with hundreds or thousands of links directing to free psp downloads. It's that simple to find free psp downloads from the Internet.

What happen next, what to do with the huge list of free psp downloads? The outcome of the huge list of free psp downloads results from the search engine will direct anyone to various site types as explained below.

Site 1

Websites providing free psp downloads on trial or demo versions that are ready to be installed on to your psp device. And if you are satisfied with the programs or trial software, you can proceed to purchase the full program and download it for your personal psp use.

Site 2

This can be a website that provides free video or music that others upload it to share with anyone. Usually these websites provides free download at the expense of other freelance artist tying to get noticed by others. And at the same time, advertising other popular music and video downloads that can be purchase by anyone with a credit card.

Site 3

Purely free psp downloads websites are rare and hard to find from those popular search engine. Even if you can find such a website providing free psp downloads, the traffic will be massive that renders you with snail crawling speed. Sometimes, downloading any free psp downloads or program will take days for a single item. Do this only if you have lots of time to spare.

Site 4

Other free psp downloads websites are also available but it comes with advertising bombing your computer or laptops with massive amount of advertising pop-up windows. Some of these advertising windows may have spam so just be careful. Proper caution must be taken with such type of websites.

Site 5

Monthly subscription websites are also out there providing absolutely free psp downloads for any items that anyone is interested in. And anyone who wishes to join such website need to subscribe and make monthly payments in order to continue download.

Site 6

This kind of website is the same as monthly subscription except that the subscription could be annually or single payment for lifetime membership of free psp downloads. Such websites do not provide very competitive contents or downloads. Most of the time, the contents are provided after a break or popular season of new games or video that is being launched for a period of time. You can use this site if you don't mind catching up late with the latest trends, gaming or video.

Site 7

These are the underground or pirated websites simply providing anyone with all sorts of free psp downloads with reasonable downloading speed and it even comes with the crack files. Such websites may maliciously incorporate virus or Trojan horse to your computer so beware. Use this at your own risk.

Above all, make sure you review the free psp downloads programs well before downloading it.

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Download Free Music PSP Video

When you are surfing the internet, chances are that you have been in a situation where you want to find some free music or other kinds of downloads. You know that pretty much anything you want to find you can find online, and there are even places where you can download free music PSP video as well. Even though there are many sites where you can download free music PSP video you are going to want to know some things before you start, so that you don’t hurt your computer and you don’t get into any trouble downloading free music PSP

First Things First

First of all, you should know that usually download free music PSP video isn’t legal. You might be taking a chance and you might be finding yourself in a situation where you don’t mean to be going outside of the law by looking for free music PSP video, but you are anyway. If this is the case, you are going to want to make sure that by download free music PSP video you know what you are doing up front.

Also, some of the places where you go to download free music PSP video are actually operating legally, but the way that they are making the money needed to pay for the download free music PSP video is by using spy ware and giving it to people without them knowing. If you are finding yourself at odds with your computer and with a lot of programs on your computer that you don’t want, you are going to need to be aware of this. IF you want to avoid spy ware and other programs, you don’t want to go to a site where you can download free music PSP video because you will probably get these programs without even knowing about them. You have to be smart when you are going to download free music PSP video because you might end up with things that you don’t want on your computer.

PSP Blender - Dowload PSP Games, Movies, Music

Monday, December 10, 2007

Music Downloading for your PSP

Music management software provides optimum services that enable you to organize your music files, convert different music format into mp3 and vice versa, or search good-to-download mp3 files in the Internet.

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It is possible to download music onto your PSP to enjoy whenever when you like. There is a great site for PSP music downloads where you can download all your favourite tunes as well as get downloads for PSP games and even movies and TV shows. The only real services that tell you How To Download Music To PSP normally charge you a fee but may be worth considering if you are going to be downloading a lot of music to your PSP.

PSP Blender - Dowload PSP Games, Movies, Music

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

How to dump your UMD games so you can play them from your memory stick

PSP offers a wide variety of games and there are so many good titles in the market today and all of these games have a single similarity and that is their price. This article will discuss on minimizing the cost on Psp games with playing the game directly from the memory stick. But before we’ll go to detail, let us first discuss the two important terms that we will be using in this article. First is UMD - When Sony released the PlayStation Portable, they also unleashed a new, proprietary media format called the universal media disc (UMD). The universal media disc works just like a typical DVD disc but unlike a DVD's regional coding or third party encryption technology, Sony developed its own copy protection. For the UMD, Sony created a protection system that uses a unique ID for each disc (using 128-bit encryption) and the ID of the PSP itself. This kind of disc is much more powerful that a typical DVD but it’s not yet available in the market for other uses. The second term is the ISO - (.iso) is a disk image of an ISO 9660 file system. ISO 9660 is an international standard originally devised for storing data on CD-ROM. More loosely, it refers to any optical disc image, even a UDF image. As is typical for disc images, in addition to the data files that are contained in the ISO image, it also contains all the filesystem metadata, including boot code, structures, and attributes. All of this information is contained in a single file. These properties make it an attractive alternative to physical media for the distribution of software that requires this additional information as it is simple to retrieve over the Internet.

PSP games are expensive, that’s why playing UMD games from memory stick is much preferred than buying games. All you need is a memory stick with enough memory to store games and of course a PSP. Here’s a list of instructions on how to do it:

1. First you are going to need an ISO file of the game you want to play. You can download all the latest games from many sites, most will charge you a one time fee and then you can download as many as you wish forever. All you need to do is to spend some time searching in the internet. But be careful some sites contain malwares and viruses that can infect your computer. Make sure that you a good antivirus if you decide to visit all of these sites.

PSP Blender - Dowload PSP Games, Movies, Music

2. You’ll need a small program that will run the game from your memory stick, you can download it from it is called PSP RunUMD UMD Emulator v0.8C. (This is a homebrew application and may not run on PSP with firmware version higher than 1.50) Download it and put it onto your memory stick. Follow the instructions that came with the file and put it in the exact folder it says.

3. You’ll have to create a folder called ISO; this is where your psp games will go. Connect your PSP to your PC and drag and drop the files into the ISO folder. Now switch on the PSP and select the PSP RunUMD UMD Emulator v0.8C from the memory stick. Once the program is running you should see the games you have in the ISO folder. Just select it to start playing.

This is just one of the steps that you could follow in playing games from your memory stick. There are other programs like RunUMD out there, all you need to do is some reading on how it works. Just follow them and it will work out fine. If not, you could always refer to the internet for help. Remember that higher cost doesn’t necessarily mean greater pleasure. Playing games from your memory stick offers the same gaming pleasure than buying costly umd games.

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How to Backup your PS1 Games for your PSP

How to Backup your PS1 Games for your PSP

PSP can now play almost all games even games for other consoles. SEGA, GB, SNES, almost everything. And now, an addition to the list: PS1 games. But before you can play them you first need to do some tweaking. Here’s a guide on how:
This is a quick guide to show you how to convert your old PSone games (disc or iso) to play on your PSP. This works on Dark_Alex custom firmware. Before you start, make sure that you have the following requirements:
-PSP w/Dark_AleX custom firmware flashed
-MagicDisc (free, if you have images of your game discs use this to mount them)
-Auto Popstation4 (creates ISO file of game disc.. converts iso to PBP)

1. Download Auto Popstation4
2. Extract it
3. Put your PSOne disc in your pc or mount the image w/your virtual drive application (magicdisc)

4. Go to the folder where we extracted Auto Popstation4. You should see a .bat file and also a folder called CoreData. Be sure there are not any ISOs in this folder, or else Auto Popstation4 will go to the menus for creating the eboot.pbp; if there is no iso it will give you options to capture an iso from your cd/dvd drive

5. Run the Autopopstation4.bat

6. On the menu, choose Option 1 to create an ISO

7. Next, you may get an error (you will the first time since it has not been configured), click OK on it. Then IsoProducer should open up. We need to configure it, use the suggested settings showing the Command Box and then click Make ISO

8. I usually save it to the same folder as the Autopopstation4.bat file and the coredata folder. (the batch file needs the iso to be here, also be sure not to use spaces in the filename)

9. Once the iso is created, rerun the Autopopstation4.bat again, this time we will get a different menu to create make our PSP ready game

10. Type the iso’s file name when asked, it will list all ISO files in the folder where the batch file is again be sure that your iso's file name does not contain spaces.
11. Then choose the compression level, 0 = none, 9 = max; remember that the more compression the longer the load times or possibility it won't even load.
12. Next, it will ask for a name for the game, this will show up on your PSP > Game menu

13. Next, it will ask for part of the game’s name to find the appropriate game code. After you hit enter it should populate a list of game codes; the code is the first number (ie SLUS01251). The command prompt is asking if you want to run again, just choose N

14. Now you will be asked for the game code (again, the one we found from above, ie SLUS01251) and hit Enter

15. Finally, it will ask if you want to make a Manual for the game using the PSPDocument Maker or by using any png file in the CoreData\DocmakerImages (must be named 0000.png to 9999.png).
16. Once you choose how to make the manual, it will confirm your settings, just Y to start and it will start processing away. Once it’s done, you can hit any key and it will open up the results folder w/your newly converted PSone game now ready for your PSP.

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